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The wait list is now open! We are now shipping across the United States. We use foam shippers, and have had great success shipping MA-CA. USPS 2-3 priority mail. NPIP # 1362



Reserve in advance so we know what to hatch for you! As of now, we are reserving for the May 28 hatch date. Westport, MA. NPIP # 1362. **Send us an email, sometimes we have chicks off heat, and older grow outs available.

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Something New! As of March 1, we are offering large fowl frizzle hatching eggs! Shipping now across the United States. USPS 2-3 day priority mail. NPIP # 1362 • SORRY, SOLD OUT!

On the farm, our love for chickens has only grown over the years! This is our first year offering rare and colorful hatching eggs for every basket. The flock was tested January, 2019 and is clean! NPIP# 1362. We are currently shipping hatching eggs across the United States. We are also taking reservations for chicks in advance, but only offer chicks for local pickup, March, April, May. Join our mailing list to receive periodic updates and sales! We will be opening up the wait list again later in the year. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Open Gate Poultry

Black Copper Marans • BBS Ameraucanas

Mosaics • Olive Eggers (F1-F11) • Easter Eggers

Project Breed - not available Spring 2019

Large Fowl Frizzles

We are a small family living a quality lifestyle on our farm. Together, we grow, work on projects, raise our animals, explore, learn, and share. The animals really make the farm what it is, giving it character. Our chickens live natural lives. We don’t use artificial lights to prolong laying. Different coops come out of their runs different days to explore the yard, gardens, and fields to do what chickens do best… run wild, scratch for bugs, and “weed” the gardens.


Get a Rainbow Dozen

As of 2019, a rainbow dozen is made up of farm favorites! Great for someone looking for a colorful basket, and colorful birds! BBS Ameraucanas, Mosaics, Olive Eggers F1-F11, and Easter Eggers, in no particular amount. Eggs will vary from blue, gray, green, olive, and cream.

If you’re lucky, a chicken will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything.
splash ameraucana chick

splash ameraucana chick

the hen hotel • fall 2018

the hen hotel • fall 2018