Thinking ahead! We will open up reservations for next year January 2020 and start shipping and hatching in March.

We ship and hatch March, April, May, and June.



We make sure to breed for temperament as well as type! We recommend getting the Mosaics and Ameraucana. They are cold hardy, very intelligent, beautiful, friendly birds that lay often. The Mosaics lay cream colored eggs, while the Ameraucana are a little larger and lay blue.



I recommend Ameraucana, Olive Eggers, Easter Eggers, and Mosaics as the top cold hardy breeds.


Black Copper Marans, Frizzles, and Silkies have a little more difficulty withstanding the cold. For ex, the black copper marans roosters (in photo) have large single combs and can get frost bite easier than others, but the hens never have a problem. The frizzles have feathers that curve away from their bodies. Silkies need TLC often, very fluffy, and they huddle rather than rooster.

Hatching Eggs

• Hatching eggs are sold by the dozen, with 2 extras included with every dozen.

• Once you place an order, you’re on the list! Get in touch if you need to request a special date and we will do our best to accamidate.

• NPIP#1362- MA

• We guarantee you are receiving fresh, clean, fertile eggs, from a healthy flock.

• Available in the continental U.S only.

Flat rate shipping is $20 per dozen + includes foam shipper ($5 ea) + insurance coverage to match your order total.

Unpacking Your Eggs Each order comes with info about unpacking your eggs, and getting them ready to set. FYI • Upon arrival, unpack your eggs, let them settle, fat side up, at room temperature (65-70 degrees) for 24 hours before putting them in the incubator.



We use foam egg shippers and have great success shipping MA-CA. We can ship two dozen comfortably in box 7.

*We do not ship chicks. They are available for local pickup only, and we recommend ordering in advance.

Packaging + Shipping

The eggs are in foam, with a top and bottom for extra support, placed in a bed of newspaper, and labeled as “FRAGILE EGGS”.

You are required to provide a phone number (at checkout) for post office pickup! I write Hold at Post Office on the box along with your number. They shouldn’t go to your house and be left at the door. Unfortunately, sometimes that does happen. You can give your post office a heads up you’re waiting on a package.

SHIPPING EGGS • The shipping and handling is out of our control, and if you are not satisfied with your egg delivery please put in a claim with the post office.



We include 2 extra eggs with every dozen ordered. *Your package is insured at the USPS based on order total.

INSURING YOUR PACKAGE • What if my order is destroyed during shipment? It’s true, it happens sometimes. Poor handling, or the box is dropped. We include 2 extra eggs with every dozen ordered! We insure your package at the post office, based on order total. Use your best judgement, and put in a claim with the USPS, with photos, if many of your package contents are damaged and you are disappointed.

We ship priority 2-3 day in the continental U.S.

No heat packs are included in the boxes with shipped eggs, they don’t need it.

We don’t ship hatching eggs in July + August, as the temperatures are too high, but will begin again in the Fall for a limited time.

PACEven if your eggs get delayed in transit, just make sure to candle and see that the air cell is upright, and give them 24 hours to rest before incubation. For example, we have had eggs get lost in transit for an extra four days, and 14/18 did hatch successfully.

Do you ship chicks?

We do not ship chicks, but we do offer them locally. Please order in advance, and we can hatch for you!