Large Fowl Frizzles

Large Fowl Frizzles


We will begin shipping frizzles March 17. We love these guys! They are the same size as a large fowl breed hen. Frizzles are not a breed, it’s a characteristic to describe their beautiful feathers. They look windblown and their feathers curl outward away from their body.

Please note, we do not breed frizzle x frizzle. Why? It would result in 25% of their offspring having brittle feathers that break easily, organ problems, and may look bald.

What to expect • The likelihood of frizzles is 50% frizzle/ 50% smooth. You’re going to get different colored birds, and some may even be easter eggers and lay green eggs. We have frizzled hens with an ameraucana roo, and frizzled roo with smooth feathered hens.

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