NEW Black Copper Marans & BBS Ameraucanas

NEW Black Copper Marans & BBS Ameraucanas


Limit 1 dozen for this order! Clean flock, tested January 2019. Two extra eggs with each dozen.

This dozen is 1/2 black copper marans 1/2 black, blue, splash ameraucanas!

Marans • We are members of the Marans Chicken Club USA. Like everyone else, at first, we were drawn to the marans for their egg color, and purchased from breeders that didn’t value the bird and the results were not good, too many flaws, so we stepped back. We decided the bird comes first, then the egg color, and we found a mentor, and better birds to work with. We are using the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection - as a guide. If you have questions just ask and if you want more photos they’re available.

Marans are known for their large dark reddish brown eggs. We let many roos grow out for ten months before choosing one for the breeding program. It’s suggested that “slow maturing cockerels are often the best ones in our experience.” and we have seen that to be true. Always a work in progress!

We are breeding for quality birds, temperament, and egg color. Egg color should always be a minimum of a 4 on the marans color chart.

Our marans roo, Presley, has great zero white feathers in his wings at almost a year, no white hackles, gold eyes, straight large comb, a decent back, is not tall and lanky, good color. Fertility is excellent. Our hens could use a little more copper in their hackles, and we are working on that.


True blue egg layers! Our black, blue, and splash ameraucanas are not from hatchery stock. Cold hardy, and excellent temperaments. They carry two blue egg genes, while the black copper marans carry two brown egg genes. Put these two pure breeds together and you’ll get first generation olive eggers. We have a splash ameraucana and a blue roo, and the likelihood of splash chicks is very high. Going forward we will have an all splash ameraucana group.

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