Black Copper Marans Chicks - Local Pickup Only

Black Copper Marans Chicks - Local Pickup Only


Please note there’s a very limited supply of Black Copper Marans chicks for Spring 2018. Minimum 3 chicks per order (any breed)

Egg Color on Marans Color Chart • 5/6

Marans • We are part of the Marans Chicken Club USA (MCCUSA). As a breeder, we are using the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection - as a guide. Marans are known for their large dark reddish brown eggs. We let many roos grow out for ten months before choosing one for the breeding program. It’s suggested that “slow maturing cockerels are often the best ones in our experience.” - MCCUSA. Always a work in progress!

We are breeding for quality, temperament, and then egg color. Egg color should always be a minimum of a 4 on the marans color chart.

Our marans roo, Presley, has great zero white feathers in his wings, no white underfluff, gold eyes, straight large comb, a decent back, not tall and lanky, good color. Our hens could use a little more copper in their hackles, and we are working on that.

It’s hard to find quality marans. It took us a few tries to find good stock. You have to find enthusiasts who love the breed, a mentor, and go from there…or else you’re just looking at the egg color.

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